computer repair Oakville

  • Computer Repair Oakville

    nuComputing Solutions is the #1 computer repair and IT solutions firm in Oakville, Ontario.  We are striving to bring forth the best possible services to fix your computer and resolve any other issues you may have with our other services.  We are fast, efficient, and cost effective.  We also give our clients free advice and tips to keep their computers and technology running smoothly.  Check our our blog for more information.  If you would like information about our services please contact us

    Computer Repair Oakville
Computer Repair Oakville

  Computer Repair

We offer complete computer repair services in Oakville, Ontario. We fix various issues with computers everything from viruses, forgotten passwords, no power, failed hard disk, and many more.Learn More

Computer Repair Oakville

   Laptop Repair

Are you experiencing issues with your laptop?  We can fix your laptop today from issues like broken LCD screen,wireless connectivity issues, formatting, viruses, blue sceens, no video and many more. Learn More

Computer Repair Oakville

   Custom Computers

We are the pros in custom computer builds.  Are you looking for a new system but tired of trying to be sold extra warranties that you don’t need? We customize your computer how you want it, no nonsense. Learn More

Computer Repair Oakville

   Gaming Computers

We put the gaming in your computer! We are gamers at heart and know how a good gaming system build should be. We use only name brand and quality components in all of our custom gaming computers.    Learn More

Computer Repair Oakville

  Business IT Services

Are you experiencing problems with your business network or computers? Not sure what to do or who to contact? Look no further, we offer a wide range of business IT solutions that will resolve any issues you have. Learn More

Computer Repair Oakville

   SEO Services

Have a website but no visitors or very little?  Well, we all know the importance of SEO and we are working with business clients everyday online to increase their presence and visitors.Learn More

Computer Repair Oakville

   Computer Recycling

Have an old computer system laying around the house?  Is it broken? Well, if you have an old computer we will glady take it from you, refurbish them then donate to non-profit companies. We stand by the three R’s.Learn More

Computer Repair Oakville

   Maintenance Plans

Don’t wait until problems come up, be proactive.  With our preventative maintenance packages we can effectively counter and deter possible issues that could lead to your business being down. Learn More

nuComputing offers outstanding services. We are extremely pleased with the level and expertise. We needed a new computer and a network setup. Myron from nuComputing set us up with a great computer and did our wireless network. Pleased clients from Toronto! –Ron & Kerri, Toronto

nuComputing Solutions has done multiple jobs for us. We run a home business and our network is constantly growing and expanding. We are more than please with the level of expertise the techs from nucomputing have. Thank you for helping our business grow and continue to bring us your knowledge and advice in the IT industry!–Selina, Milton

nuComputing Solutions was at our door an hour after we placed a service call. We needed to figure out why our computer kept freezing up. The technician was very friendly and knowledgeable, he solved the issue in no time and was able to prevent it from happening again. It's been a few months now and no issues. Thank you nuComputing!!–Jessica & Randy, Burlington