Computer Recycling Services

Computer & Laptop Recycling

If you have old computer components that are in functional or non-functional condition just collecting dust and about to be thrown out, consider nuComputing Solutions recycling program.  We are working hard to keep our environment clean and landfills reduced of old computer equipment.

    •  Functioning and non-functioning computer equipment
    • Service available to business and residential
    • Helping to reduce the impact on our environment
    • We stand behind the three R’s

What We Do With Recycled Equipment

We will effectively put your old equipment through our recycling process which will then be refurbished into a working state.  Once we have refurbished the old equipment, we will catalogue each system into our database.  We then fulfil requests from non-profit companies and organizations that rely on the good will of other companies to donate systems for their good will services.

    • We will collect your old computer equipment
    • Refurbish equipment collected
    • Donate to non-for-profit companies and organizations

Equipment We Are Currently Accepting

    • Computer monitors (LCD or CRT)
    • Computer systems (Tower)
    • Components (Motherboards, memory, CPU’s, hard drives Etc.)
    • Networking equipment (Switches, routers, modems, Etc.)
    • Laptop and laptop charging components
    • Keyboards & mice
    • Computer cooling components

Work Together For A Cleaner Tomorrow

We are working extensively with non-profit organizations and donors every day to help close the loop to our growing issues of computer equipment waste in landfills and our environment. We are proud to offer these services as we stand by the three R’s.

It’s our business to protect today and the future of a cleaner tomorrow

For more information about our computer recycling program and how you can help.  Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience to gain more insight and start making a difference today.