Laptop/Mobile Solutions

Laptop & Other Mobile Devices Repair

Are you experiencing issues with your laptop or mobile device within your organization? We know how important it is to have fully functional devices because they are the drivers of our businesses and economy.

    • Fast & reliable Laptop/Mobile repairs
    • Professional business repair services
    • Cost & time effective solutions for your business

To avoid extended periods of downtime we offer fast and cost effective solutions for laptop users. No matter what the issue may be nothing is too big or too small for our professionals to resolve. We fix a wide range of laptop makes and models. All Windows based laptops and Mac based laptops are services by our professionals.

Common Laptop Related Issues We Service:

    • Power connector loose or broken
    • Bad Motherboard or Video Card
    • Overheating and Shutting Down
    • Dim LCD Screen – screen not bright
    • Broken LCD Panel (Dropped or stepped on)
    • Keyboard not working (Spilled coffee / wine or juice)
    • “Blue screen of death”
    • The computer keeps on rebooting again and again
    • Noises and vibrations,
    • Noisy Computer problems
    • Spyware and Viruses
    • Your browser home page changed itself
    • Dataloss and Backup Data-Recovery
    • Motherboard Repair
    • LCD Replacement/Backlight Inverter replacement
    • Touchpad Replacement
    • DC Jack Repair
    • Keyboard Replacement
    • Over-heating issues
    • AND MORE!

It’s our business to service yours!

For more information regarding our business computer services please use our submit support ticket form or contact us!  We look forward to servicing all of your business needs.