Network Services

New Network Setup & Implementation

We are your networking one stop solution professionals.  Is your company moving to a new location and in need of a network designed from the ground up?  We are working with small to mid-sized business everyday setting up robust networks to tailor to their businesses high data demands.

    • Robust network planning & design
    • Network infrastructure implementation

Rest assured that our network engineers can wire, implement, and maintain industry leading components into your new network.  No network is too big or too small for our technicians to setup.  If you are a small business and require a low-cost high performing network we have the solutions.  If you are a mid-sized business looking to implement a system that can sustain large company growth, we have the solutions.

    • Industry leading equipment and protocols
    • Small to mid-sized company network  support
    • Cost effective networking solutions

Existing Network Additions And Implementation

If your business currently has a network model in place and needs a revamp or additional component(s) added, we have the solutions.  If your business network was designed and built over 5+ years ago and can’t handle the needs of growing demands, we can provide you with network revamp solutions to tear down weak spots of your network and rebuild it with newer industry leading technology that can service higher demands.

    • Existing network re-modeling
    • Repair network bottlenecks that cause congestion
    • Industry leading equipment

We can also make additions to your network for added security and data redundancy such as adding a network attached server into your current network.  Perhaps you want to give your staff the ability to virtually connect to your network out-of-office for complete flexibility of your network. We have the solutions to all of your network needs.

    • Network security protocols
    • Data redundancy networked systems
    • Remote access protocols for employees

Network Cabling

Is your small business looking to move a user to an area that doesn’t have network cabling available to connect to your network?  We have the solutions. We can add additional cables to your existing network to get your staff online.  We use industry leading equipment that will guarantee fast, and trouble free data transfer through our cabling services.

    • Industry leading cable technology
    • Relocation of network equipment
    • Fast, reliable, congestion free

Is your company looking to get a network wired?  We have the solutions. Our professional network engineers can wire your entire office from top to bottom to ensure that your network goes wherever you want it to.

    • Office cat5e/cat6e wiring
    • Networked equipment wiring
    • Network wiring relocation

It’s our business to service yours!

For more information regarding our business computer services please use our submit support ticket form or contact us!  We look forward to servicing all of your business needs.