Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair Services

nuComputing Solutions is the #1 choice for professional laptop repair services.  Are you experiencing difficulties with your laptop computer?  We are the experts and can guarantee that our solutions are right for you.  We can come to your place of residence or you can come to our office.

Diagnostic That Save You Time & Money!

With a strong list of effective diagnostic tools we can solve issues with your laptop faster than before.

    • Effective diagnostic tools
    • Fast, reliable, and friendly service

We can assure you that we are not the geeks but professionals who will offer a laptop repair service that will outshine our competitors, with unsurpassed steadfast professional services and quality .

Affordable Prices That Don’t Break The Bank

Have your laptop system looked at by a professional, don’t trust the geeks.  You will be overcharged.  Our laptop solutions come at very competitive and affordable prices.  We won’t take your arm or leg.  We will give you the best possible repair solutions and customer service that you have experienced from any industry.

    • Very affordable rates
    • No hidden fees or surprises

These are common laptop related issues we resolve on a daily basis:

    • DC jack repair
    • LCD screen replacement
    • “Blue screen of death” errors
    • System freezes
    • Keyboard not functioning
    • Overheating and shutting down
    • Spyware removal
    • Virus removal
    • Noisy CPU fan
    • Data backup & recovery
    • Bad power cable and converter
    • Very slow start up
    • Long load times for applications
    • System restarts after its turned on
    • Black screen after powered on
    • Long beeps after system is powered on
    • Motherboard replacement and repair
    • Hard drive replacement
    • And MANY more!

 Why Contact Us?

We will provide you with professional services (we’re not the geeks), industry leading tools, fast service, affordable rates, no hidden surprises and unsurpassed customer service.  Go head, give us a call, see what the buzz is about!  Talk to us!