Computer Services

Computer Services

Our professionals can quickly determine the cause of any errors
that you may be experiencing with your computer.

    • Fast & Reliable Service
    • Quick Error Resolution

Wide Range Of Diagnostic Tools

With a wide array of diagnostic tools we can find issues faster than before.
We offer affordable rates and faster service than our competitors.

    • Wide list of diagnostic tools
    • Faster service
    • Competitive rates

We service business across Canada. With over ten years of industry experience and certification standards rest assured that your
computer is in the best care. There is no problem that we cannot fix with your computer.

Common Computer Related Issues

    • Computer shows a blue screen
    • Recovery of your files
    • Computer won’t boot into windows
    • Security & Data Protection is a concern
    • Wireless Network Setup & Troubleshoot.
    • Windows locked and or lost Password.
    • Computer is slower than it used to be
    • Computer won’t start at all
    • Printer issues.
    • Computer shutting down automatically.
    • PC not responding, freezing, crashing
    • Hardware Installation & Upgrade needed
    • Software Installation & Upgrade needed
    • Virus, worm and spyware infections.
    • Overheating problems, cooling is needed

It’s our business to service yours!

For more information regarding our business computer services please use our submit support ticket form or contact us!  We look forward to servicing all of your business needs.