Computer Repair

Computer Repair Services

Our professional technicians can aid you in your home to solve any computer repair issues that you may be experiencing.  No issue is too big or too small.  We offer fast same day solutions to your problems!

Diagnostics That Save Time & Money

With a wide list of diagnostic tools we can find problems with your computer, faster, which will save you time.

    • Wide array of diagnostic tools
    • Speedy service

Not like the geeks who will simply just ‘look’ at your computer while the time ticks.  Our services outshine our competitors with unsurpassed steadfast professional services and quality .

Affordable Rates That Don’t Hurt The Bank

With very competitive and price matched rates you will be pleased that no matter how big the job is, our rates will make you smile not cringe like when you talk to the geeks!

    • Cost effective solutions
    • No hidden fees

Common Computer Related Issues:

    • Blue screen of death (Blue screen errors)
    • Computer system won’t boot up
    • Invalid system disk
    • Computer starts then shuts off right away
    • Computer restarts after its turned on repeatedly
    • Lost or forgotten password
    • Windows freezes at logon screen
    • Wireless internet isn’t showing
    • Multiple pop-ups
    • Data Backup from a fault hard drive
    • Windows XP, Vista Security center virus
    • Trojan viruses leaking important information
    • Computer is not responding
    • Computer is crashing after launching a game or application
    • Overheating issues
    • And Many More!

With a wide list of services offered we can solve what might seem to be the most difficult problems.  We are the professional technicians that will get you back up and running!

Why Contact Us?

We will provide you with professional services (we’re not the geeks), industry leading tools, fast service, affordable rates, no hidden surprises and unsurpassed customer service.  Go head, give us a call, see what the buzz is about!  Talk to us!