Custom Computers

Custom Computer Builds

If you would like to gain more information about our custom gaming computers please inquire and get the expert/enthusiast advice.  We will guide you through the process of choosing the best possible system that will meet and exceed every gaming desire.  We will bring out the TRUE gamer in you!  Rest assured in the process you will be provided with the best possible price. We are gamers ourselves and believe that getting you behind the screen of a monster machine is our top priority!

    • Custom tailored systems to fit your needs
    • High quality components
    • Longer warranty periods than competitors
    • Configurations that last
    • Cost effective solutions

Overview of mass produced systems

When purchasing computer systems from major retailers you often get computer systems full of third party software that have been pre-loaded from the manufacturer such as HP-Compaq, Dell, Acer, IBM. This is bloatware and it takes up unnecessary room on your hard drive, registry, start menu and desktop.  All of this “extra” software is selling tactics used to boost sales for third party software companies. Aside from bloatware, mass produced systems tend to come with certain low quality components that should not be sacrificed especially if you want your system to last.

    • Non-customizable
    • Loaded with third party bloatware
    • Cheap components
    • 1 year warranty

nuComputing Solutions custom built computers

Our knowledge, expertise and professionalism go into every computer we piece together. We are computer enthusiasts at heart and know that a custom built computer cannot be just slapped together. It needs to be custom tailored to an individual’s needs and configured with the right components to exceed performance expectations and ensure reliability. We take pride in our machines and load them with ONLY the software you require, no bloatware or third party applications asking for your credit card information. We use only high quality components with warranties that will surpass any store-bought machine from a major retailer. Rest assured that we will offer you a service and a finished product that will go over and above what any retailer can offer.

    • Fully customizable computers
    • Highest quality components used
    • Longer warranty periods
    • Configurations that make sense
    • No bloatware
    • Cost effective computer builds
    • Our friendly Advice

Why Contact Us?

We will provide you with professional services (we’re not the geeks), industry leading tools, fast service, affordable rates, no hidden surprises and unsurpassed customer service.  Go head, give us a call, see what the buzz is about!  Talk to us!