Wired Networking

Home Wired Networking Services:

If you are moving into a new home or simply just want to relocate your network we have the solutions for you.  Our network professionals can take your wired network to anywhere in your home you want.  We use the highest quality of network hardware to ensure longevity and reliability while maintaining lightening fast network speeds.

    • Network Setup & Repair
    • New network equipment installation
    • Affordable rates!

Wired networks can be used to not only connect your household to the internet but can be used as a multimedia backbone to transfer large data files from one computer to the other.  If you are big into media and want your TV to stream movies from your computer, a strong network is a must so jitter and delays are non-existent.  For more information about our wired networking solutions please Contact us at your earliest convenience.

Wired Networking Troubleshooting:

If you are experiencing issues with your wired home network then nuComputing has a solution for you.  With industry leading knowledge our professional technicians can diagnose even the most troubling network issues.  With an extensive list of network tools we can pinpoint where the issues are.  We will provide you with fast and reliable service to quickly and efficiently restore your networks health and get it in optimal state.

    • Network troubleshooting & repairs
    • Fast & professional advice
    • Cost effective solutions

Wired Network Security:

Hackers and intrusions in home networks are a very common problem in today’s networking world.  With low level security protocols, hackers can get further into your network and cause damage or exploit important information. Stay secure with nuComputing Solutions as we offer comprehensive security solutions to filter out hacking attempts and keep your network safe from intrusions.

    • Implementation of network security
    • Keeping network and confidential information safe
    • Firewall and virus protection configuration

Common Wired Network Services & Solutions:

    • Wired network design & setup
    • Network relocation
    • Network connectivity troubleshooting
    • Slow network issues
    • Limited or no access to network problems
    • Dropped files during transfer from other nodes on the network
    • Implementation of new network devices
    • Installing hardware firewalls
    • Increasing network throughput
    • Upgrading network equipment
    • Not connected to a network problem
    • Yellow asterisk beside
    • Internet connectivity drops out
    • Wired router reconfiguration
    • Wired router configuration

Why Contact Us?

We will provide you with professional services (we’re not the geeks), industry leading tools, fast service, affordable rates, no hidden surprises and unsurpassed customer service.  Go head, give us a call, see what the buzz is about!  Talk to us!