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Double your laptops lifespan with two simple practices

In this article I want talk about two very simple practices that can double the lifespan of your shiny new laptop.  Even if she’s old these practices still apply and can promise you the longevity of your machine. Lets step away from technology for a bit, and think about the summertime, oh how I wish it was warm right now, sitting ...

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Secure your computer and restrict access to applications

Secure your computer system at home or your office PC with our quick tutorial.  This can be very useful if you would like to restrict access to certain applications on your systems. For instance, at home, you can restrict access to an application you may not want someone to open (could be your children, relative, etc.) At the office, you can restrict access to applications ...

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5 Tips to maintaining a healthy system

We have put together 5 tips for you to consider at home or the office.  They will help you keep a handle on your machine before it gets out of control.  The aim is to keep your system light and functioning in its optimal state.  All software mentioned in the this article is available for download at bottom of the page.

1. Do not use internet explorer

We’re pro Microsoft here at nuComputing ...

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